Test your XML or CSV file to check for errors.

You can either copy the data into the text field below or provide a URL where our tool can reach the data.

Note: During the actual import, further error messages may appear (for example: non-specified mandatory fields in certain product categories).



Additional values

You can set a default value for VAT rate here.
If a product in your feed does not include a VAT value, the default value will be used instead.

If you are not able to provide GTIN, SKU, IBAN, you can turn off validation here. Nevertheless, better practice would be to send false in the field identifier_exists.

If you cannot send a value for the shipping category, you can set the default value here:

Always overwrite shipping category:

In case you work with revision ids, you can enter a test revision id here. This will include a Revision-ID field into the header.
If the response header contains a new Revision-ID, atalanda will save this and use this in the next update.

Enter the URL providing the product feed and click "validate".

*Please notice: Depending on the size of the file it can take a moment to process the data.